the kids are alright

I realize now what I’m doing here, on this planet, at this time, in the glorious and crushing moments, through uphill slogs and downhill slides, amid merciful solitude and exhuberant crowds …

It sounds so trite I hesitate, and yet it is true: I am a mother. But what is important is not my motherhood. It is the gift motherhood brings: my child.

This past month and a half have been among the saddest and most hopeful of my life. I have witnessed my father struggling to breathe from a hospital bed, then come through surgery with rousing success. I have watched another bloody massacre become a wave of youthful voices so passionate, so articulate, so tireless that my cynicism cracks a bit.

And I see my daughter, this human that my body grew, this person that our village raised, this glowing, compassionate being who cares about social justice, the environment, and the happiness of people around her. Her voice is one of a diverse, aware, and empowered generation, and, as Chloe and Halle sing to us, appropriating the words of the Who: “The kids are alright.” In an interview with Trevor Noah, these poised young women assured us that their generation is doing fine, that their parents didn’t fail them. I am struck by their words, and therein lies my truth.

Last weekend I marched behind a group of student protesters from the school where I teach, my daughter among them. As they led us down the tourist-lined streets, chanting their rage over the deaths of their peers, outlining gun policy demands that no sane person should oppose, my love and pride for these young people overwhelmed me. My body felt heavy with the poignant words of Briar Goldberg, a survivor of Columbine, who watched our country do nothing to protect us from what she went through. And I felt buoyed by the cadence and messaging of a middle-school girl, who far outshone any public speaker I’ve heard since the last presidential election. One by one, other teens spoke, with intelligence, with compassion, with the very present pain of what they experience daily because of guns in their communities. Their voices are clearer and louder than my feeble cries into the void have ever been. Now I can say that my fight was not in vain: it was an opening act, which is perhaps as it should be. The main stage is set for the real action, coming soon to a voting booth near you.

With renewed clarity, I see my life in a different way. My commitment to child-rearing takes on a greater meaning, as I envision the future that my child will help create. And I know that throughout the physical and mental exhaustion, the paycheck-to-paycheck existence, the struggles to hide despair and desperation from the gentle soul who kept me motivated, who shared my laughter, who makes me proud … she is why I’m here. She is my finest contribution to this time, to this planet, to these glorious moments and more yet to come.

[photo: afp 2018]



it’s just another boob

I am astounded that in 2017, when women can unabashedly wear crocheted string on sports magazine covers, feminist Emma Watson is getting shit for showing the beauty of her body in an elegant photo. Hannah Cranston called it right in her article, and I take issue with the fact that by baring our bodies we are necessarily sexualizing ourselves. As Ms. Cranston put it, we should have the choice to show our bodies, as women do all over the globe without shame.

In fact — shocker — FEMINISTS use their bodies as a canvas for messages of equality. This is not about sex or the male gaze. It’s about taking back what is ours, God-given if you will.

People are such prudes and hypocrits.

Afterall, the biggest boob around is clearly on view in the White House.


then there’s this guy

Representative Dave Brat (R-Va.) believes wealth will solve environmental problems and compares us to Brazil.

Needless to say, he has his head up his moneymaker.

My favorite moment is when he said that since Obamacare has come under debate: “…the women are in my grill no matter where I go.”

Right on, sisters. Keep it up!


I believe her

The most shocking thing about Susan J. Fowler’s story is that it isn’t the least bit shocking. The statistics alone speak volumes: Uber’s employment of women fell from 25% to 6% within less than a year. On her final day employed there, only 3% of Ms.Fowler’s cohort of 150 engineers were female.

Uber’s CEO can quit 45’s misogynistic team in DC, but he’s got some serious corporate culture problems back home.

I’m permanently deleting Uber.



check your state’s patriarchy

With the new mandate for pussy grabbing in the White House, states are scrambling to restrict abortion rights within their borders. 

Oklahoma is submitting legislation requiring consent from the sperm provider for a woman to get an abortion. I wonder what happens in the case of rape where the man is certainly not available for decisions around the results of his crime. The fact that politicians could consider a woman’s body a “host,” allowing her no agency over her future reveals a terrifying view of the patriarchy that we live under.

Tennessee is trying to declare  children born to married couples through fertility treatments “illegitimate.” I wonder how the state legislators feel about other medical procedures that improve reproductive outcomes for people: should solutions for erectile dysfunction be considered unnatural and resulting pregnancies an abomination? I can just imagine the awkward debate on that one, which wouldn’t last long in the male dominated legislatures of our country.

Women, pay attention! This debate is not only happening at the national level. The dog and pony show in the White House is distracting us from the restrictions happening right under our noses.

Call your legislators and voice your dissent!

photo:afp 2017

this week’s action


Make A Quick Call! Tell the U.S. Senate to vote “NO” on Andrew Puzder for the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor ASAP! 

Puzder’s hearing is this Thursday, February 16, so the time to call is NOW!   Take 30 seconds now and call 1.855.440.1800. It’s easy and will have a big impact. When you dial the number, you’ll be connected directly to the office of a key U.S. Senator. Tell them to vote “NO” on Andrew Puzder.

ACTION: Call 1.855.440.1800 to tell key U.S. Senators #JustSayNOonPuzder!

Background: Andy Pudzer opposes paid sick days, overtime pay, breaks for workers, and more. In short, he’s not qualified to serve in a position that protects workers. The U.S. Senate must oppose Puzder to lead the U.S. Department of Labor.

my two cents:
With all the GOP union busting that’s been going on quietly for years, we need to protect the rights of our labor force. The cynical side of me knows that no one 45 nominates is going to do that well, but this guy is anti-worker and should be blocked.






decline of language

I love this tongue-in-cheek Washington Post article by Dana Milbank about 45’s penchant for misspellings. I do not share that love for what is exposed by this cavalier disregard for the English language.

It sure makes it clear who is the “dummer” [sic] of our most recent presidents.