Denial, or Ignorance is Bliss

John McCain spoke recently on the Senate floor, with no small amounts of frustration, about the supposedly false claims by Democrats that there is a War on Women being waged by Republicans.

“To suggest that one group of us or one party speaks for all women or that one group has an agenda to harm women and another to help them is ridiculous,” McCain said.

I find this to be an interesting position of denial, given that, as the Huffington Post reminds us: “An amendment to a sweeping transportation bill pushed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) would have allowed employers to deny women contraception coverage for any moral reason. Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) vetoed funding for rape crisis centers last week, and several GOP governors supported legislation that mandates medically unnecessary ultrasound procedures for women who are seeking abortions. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), meanwhile, recently repealed the state’s equal pay law.”

Most of these measures would affect only one group which comprises half the population. Were it only one measure, I could see McCain’s point. But with the preponderance of legislation stripping women of their civil rights or legal social services, denying the metaphorical war is shutting one’s eyes to issues that are far from trivial (as McCain seems to think). At least not trivial for those of us without a Y chromosome…

5 thoughts on “Denial, or Ignorance is Bliss

  1. Perhaps McCain doesn’t feel that way personally (I’m not aware of his position), but he is blind if he doesn’t see the Republicans headed down the road to denying women many rights we have fought hard to achieve. I sometimes feel we are heading back to the 50’s when applying for a mortgage, my salary as a teacher (meager tho it was) could not be counted as income since I was a woman.

    • And your meager pay as a teacher was 25% less than that of similarly qualified male teachers. One of whom couldn’t even control his class, so they sent you in to do so.

  2. You’re right, It is most certainly a war on women, but specifically a war on working and middle class women. If you’re wealthy and have a man to “take care of you” then all is well. And for the others they simply claim that they are not denying women access to health care, wages, etc, just that they refuse to publicly provide for it. Although they don’t seem to have any problem with publicly providing for foreign invasions, subsidies for oil companies and bailouts for Wall Street. For the GOP, it all boils down to their vision of America: a “Me” society, as opposed to a “we” society. And that vision is in absolute contrast to that of the founders of the country.


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