Violent Rape @ 19th and Capp

A woman reports being brutally raped at 1 a.m., Monday, June 18 in the Mission by two assailants. The story can be found at

Mission woman reports rape

And, as quoted from

“Sunday night, one A.M, Nineteenth and Capp. She was walking to her home two blocks away from Bender’s. She was dragged into a driveway by two unknown assailants after leaving Bender’s. They took all her cash and both of them raped her, so severely that she now has eight stitches in her cervix. The entire lower half of her body is black and blue.

The rape was reported at SFGH as well as in a police report, and also to SF WAR.”

additional info:  “Then today my friend saw two dudes walking down the street matching the descriptions of the attackers. One had scratches on his face that correspond with the attack. Two Hispanic men, between 20-25. One stocky, one lean, one with obvious scratches on his face. So help me out. Share this info. At the very least, maybe we can tell women in the area to be on the alert. Any other suggestions?? I feel helpless and ANGRY.”


I have no official verification of this story, but feel a duty to my community to pass it on, following the old adage, oft-repeated by my wise mother: Better safe than sorry.

One thought on “Violent Rape @ 19th and Capp

  1. Yes, please remember to be safe. I wonder if the police scraped any evidence from under her fingernails? Also is there a tip line in SF? Here in NV we have a line we can call and we don’t have to give our names and we can report tips. I imagine it helps the police a lot.


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