call of the wild

The long days of summer call me out of the city, into exploration of nature, art, relationships, self. Something about increased hours of light makes the world shimmer a bit brighter, fruit taste a bit sweeter, and conversation seem more profound.

Political attacks, gun violence, and hatred pale against the moody Western sky at sunset. What he said or she said means little compared to the deft prose of a great author, which I have time to savor when I’m not grading homework or preparing tomorrow’s lesson plan. Tomorrow’s lessons will come soon enough, or maybe we can learn them already: between the lines of corporate doublespeak, behind the false smiles of talking heads, right in front of me in the burned out forests of Yellowstone.

Ecosystems, like communities, are interconnected, and man’s destruction endures for decades. We should reflect before we act, speak, accuse others. Sparks can burn out of control, metaphorically and literally. We must act consciously with intention, so as not to be forced to react haphazardly.

Busyness is not an end goal. I aim to move more deliberately through life, and perhaps thus make fewer mistakes, or at least learn from them.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to give up my patch of shady lawn for a strolling mother elk and her fawn, who were, after all, here first.


(photo: pits47 2012)

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