waffling faith

I recognize the hypocrisy of my mind, when accusing Mitt Romney of so little faith in his constituents, while myself judging the American public as blindly accepting of his brand of truthless politics (see previous post on Paul Ryan). Yet I am not running for president. I am not asking to represent my people on the world stage. Were I doing so, I would hope to have a higher regard for my fellow Americans.

And, despite my spews of discontent, I retain hope, a small voice in the crowd, speaking my mind and hoping others will, too, with respect and honesty — not focus-group-ready verneer.

It occured to me the other day that some of my distaste for the Romney-Ryan package is precisely that: verneer. They remind me of so many tenacious boys and then men I’ve known who lack empathy and self-reflection, yet have abundant appeal to some. They’ve excelled at playing the game: attractive, aimiable to a certain degree, charming veering toward (or well into) manipulative, but somehow empty, souless, unable to see me, us, those around them. The insular world they’ve created buffers them from the rest of us, though they try to draw us into their game.

I’m not buying it. I haven’t before … (well, maybe a few toes dipped in shallow waters) … and I’m certainly not now. They dismiss me as an individual and see only the superficial data, the façade, the category of me. So I dismiss them. See ya’

These kind of men lead with their egos. Their smarmy demeanor shrivels in defense of rejection, before delivering a low blow in response. One such man (very young at the time) accused me of being a lesbian when I didn’t respond to his charms. It wasn’t the insult he meant it to be, and I found it amusing. Were these the only options in his reality: go for him or reject all men?

Romney and Ryan strike me as these kind of men, although I don’t know them personally so I really can’t judge. I’m sure they are very nice people to those they care about. But Romney has already stated that he doesn’t care about me. And don’t particularly care for him, so I guess we know where we stand.

If I saw one iota of sincere desire for public service in Mitt Romney’s carefully constructed public image, if it seemed that he could get outside himself for a moment to connect with someone who thinks differently from him, I would admit that I’m mistaken.

I won’t be holding my breath. In this, I am truly lacking in faith.


2 thoughts on “waffling faith

  1. You really hit the “nail on the head” with this description of Romney, in my opinion. He almost seems sociopathic – saying what this one wants to hear and changing for the next group, all to further his own agenda. Though I don’t believe he has any criminal intent, which sometimes follows with sociopaths. But his callous disreguard for the 47% was appalling. Thanks for your blo9g.

  2. He is horrific, but what is more horrific is those who insist on being ignorant or ignoring by voting for him. Is it a reflection on him or us? Fortunately, ladies we see through Mitt and Paul’s almost laughable joke on us. Too bad so many other people think it is real. Shall we blame it on tv? 😉


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