privacy: a myth in these times?

Thank you, dear readers, for your continuing support of my blog.

I’ve realized (especially noticing that No Mo’ Flow is being read around the world) that I should attempt to guard my privacy a bit more: to protect my daughter from potential blowback from inflammatory blog posts and because of possible conflicts with my other work. I have tried not to identify myself by name directly, so that anyone searching my name (employers or clients, for example) would not instantly find the blog or be able to unquestionably attribute it to me.

My request is that you try not to identify me by name (or your familial ties to me, if your name is visible) in your kind comments to my blog. I have already deleted my name from comments (and photo credits) where it was mentioned, and I’d like to address this before it happens in the future.

Sharing on Facebook is fine (and encouraged); if I am already your Facebook friend, where my full name is visible, please be sure that your account is private.

I’d like to emphasize that I take full responsibility for my statements, and I am not hiding because of anything that I say. It is just that I am somewhat mistrustful of public forums, and how information could be used against us by ill-intentioned readers. As a mother, these are real concerns.

And as my wise mother taught me: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thank you for understanding.

pits47, aka “anon ymous” 😉

One thought on “privacy: a myth in these times?

  1. Afterthought: I was feeling paranoid after posting this, and then a friend told me about someone who assumed another person’s identity to post websites containing lies about that person’s work. It is the victim’s responsibility to get those lies removed from the Internet (no small task) and in the meantime, the victim has had her professional license revoked. Privacy and fraud are a grey area in our legal system.


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