Romney’s lack of empathy in practice

Former Governor Romney has been called stiff, lacking in compassion, uncaring, two-faced, a flip-flopper … among many other less generous epithets. But is it true?

For a summary of the interactions he had with gay community members in Massachusetts during his term as governor, read Jim Lopata’s blog in Boston Spirit.

The Mitt Romney represented in these meetings and responses is beyond chilly, and his reactions bring a chill to my heart. Disbanding a commission to help protect LGBT youth because he doesn’t like seeing his name on the same sheet of paper with the word “transgender”? Killing a anti-bullying guide for similar reasons? Assuming that a mother has adopted her biological daughter just because she has a lesbian partner? (Not that it makes any difference that a child is adopted in terms of the parent-child relationship, but this example shows that Romney wasn’t even listening to this woman during their hard-fought meeting.)

To think about a president who demonstrates such a lack of caring about his constituents–all his constituents–makes me want to flee to a more sympathetic country. The actions described in Mr. Lopata’s blog have nothing to do with balancing a budget or creating jobs. They are simply proof that–at best–Mr. Romney simply does not care to relate to those who are different from him. At worst, he is downright hostile and passive-aggressively antagonistic toward the LBGT community.

The American gay community has just as much of a right to representation (and equal protection) as all Americans. Then-Governor Romney didn’t seem to think so.

Do not believe what Romney promises: his actions speak more truthfully than his words.

2 thoughts on “Romney’s lack of empathy in practice

  1. I do not see how any LGBT, woman, Hispanic, Senior, . . well lets face it, why would anyone vote for this man? He has made it clear how he feels about us in the 47%.


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