binders full of women

I’m stunned nearly speechless. Mitt Romney, when asked if he supported the Fair Pay Act, skirted the issue by offering a charming anecdote about how he searched high and low for qualified women to fill his cabinet when he became governor of Massachusetts.

Read a summary of (and commentary on) what Mr. Romney said here.

As author Kaili Joy Gray says, with tongue firmly in cheek, how could Mr. Romney have been in business for so long and not noticed the dearth of women in high-level positions? “Oh, gosh,” says Mitt. Can’t we get some of your “folks” in here? Please take note that Mr. Romney still did not answer the question about whether he supports equal pay for equal work.

Even worse, the anecdote he offered was factually incorrect (no surprises there — this is Mitt Romney we’re talking about). The “binders of women” were not sought out by him after noticing a lack, but rather they were given to him at the beginning of his term, compiled (unsolicited) by women’s organizations. And during the course of his reign, the number of women in senior-level appointed positions in his administration declined.

Oh, Mitt, the history you invent makes you seem so … well, reinvented, compared to the harsh reality of who you really are. Any woman who thinks you have her back will potentially be stabbed in the back. But you’ll hand the dagger to someone else to take the fall, I’m sure. Your privilege has taught you well.

(Photo: from International Business Times

5 thoughts on “binders full of women

  1. He really is unbelievable. And on top of that he is a bully also. I can’t believe we are still fighting for equal pay in 2012. As a teacher in the 50’s, I received 25% less pay than the man who started teaching the same year. I asked “Why?” And was told that he would have to support a family. Actually I was single and so was he.

    • look at who supports families now? there are too many underpaid single mothers paying their fair share (as well as more mothers reliant on government programs for support than fathers). maybe pay them fair wages and provide access to childcare, and they can get off gov’t programs? it’s worth the social experiment…

    • I couldn’t agree more! I was told the exact same thing as a teacher the 70’s. Also, when I applied for the position as a reporter on the evening news at the local TV station, the news director told me that he couldn’t hire a women that had children for the job because I could be called on to cover stories during the night, and “Who would stay my children?” I too was single at the time.

  2. I cannot figure out why any woman would vote for Romney. I keep trying to research psychological reasons for it because there must be an explanation other than “head in the sand”, “delusional”, or “ignorant”. I can’t find the words to explain my disgust and anger with him and anyone who would vote for him, so thanks for being so eloquent.


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