the monster under the bed

Paul Ryan goofs again, and digs in deeper in his dismissal of women’s health issues. The Republicans insist that what concerns 50% of their constituency is merely a distraction technique because, as they put it, Democrats lack any stance on the “real” issues.

Read the latest story in the Huffington Post.

This comes simultaneously with Representative Joe Walsh’s statement that there is no instance during pregnancy in which a woman’s life is in danger due to advances in science and technology. Again, the Republicans need to do their research before they consider banning abortion in all cases, including when the woman’s life is at risk. They are categorically WRONG on this issue. Pregnancy can be a gift as well as a risk, and it is sometimes a life-threatening situation that no amount of science or technology during delivery can remedy.

One can sort of understand the male perspective (although it does not forgive Paul Ryan’s mocking stance, comparing women’s issues to those of “left-handed Irishmen”). Child-bearing poses no risk for the men involved. They don’t have to suffer through menstruation, PMS, monthly cramps that make you want to punch a man in the gut so he might understand your pain, unwanted pregnancies because of birth control failure (thanks, science and technology, for your 100% effectiveness — not!), or life-threatening pregnancies that occur in as many as 1 in 40, such as ectopic pregnancies. Not to mention peri-menopausal surprise menses (“but I just finished my period a week ago; I didn’t think I needed to bring supplies on my camping trip to the desert”) or all the physical changes that come with menopause.

But men reap the benefits of the healthy women some Republicans do not want to support. Many men enjoy being with us for consensual sex (and the birth control we use to enjoy sex more readily). They are, without exception, conceived and born of a woman’s body. Most of them have relied on mothers to raise them, nourish them, wipe their crap-filled butts, and sing them to sleep when they are afraid of the monster under the bed.

My monster under the bed is this potential Republican presidency, which threatens the future health of my friends, sisters, and daughter, and makes the Bush years (Sr. and W) look like a walk in a light drizzle. Romney is eager to sign anti-abortion legislation into law. He is planning to de-fund the preventative care we receive through Planned Parenthood. His family-unfriendly policies do nothing to help mothers, children, or women who are not ready to be mothers yet. I am ready and willing to protest every step of the way.

Please join me in screaming with voices loud and proud: women’s issues are not small things!

2 thoughts on “the monster under the bed

  1. SCREAMING!!!!!! Of course, all of their excuses are just a cover up for the fact that they don’t have basic respect for women and our rights to control our own lives, minds, and bodies. They claim to care for families, but they do nothing to support the family, whatever that family looks like. If they cared about families, we would have the best educational, health, and maternity and paternity leave system in the world. Families of all shapes and sizes would have the basic support they need. Children would never go to bed hungry. Parents would be able to always be present mentally and physically for their children. Needless to say, we don’t have any of that. Just systems created for the benefit of corporate greed and self-aggradizing men.


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