It is possible to come back from the dead, or at least from behind. Take a look at my San Francisco Giants, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win two in a row and play game 7 tonight. I’d like to take this cyberspace to say: “This team f*ing rocks!” Whether they make it to the Series this year or not, I am honored to be the half-assed fan that I am.

Speaking of rock, last night I took a break from the marathon of work I’ve had this weekend to see one of my favorite L.A. bands. I was lucky enough to live in Los Angeles as a 20-something during the golden age of post-punk, pre-grunge rock. I saw X live more times than I can remember, as well as the Dead Kennedys, Hüsker Dü, Firehose, Camper Van Beethoven, Mary’s Danish, and a slew of other bands that used to play small clubs (and sometimes even sidewalks) to draw audiences before YouTube took over what MTV used to do.

Last night my half-century-old body reverted to its youthful vigor as I danced with hair a-flyin’ to Jane’s Addiction rocking the amphitheater to its knees. (Ok, so maybe it was Dave Navarro on his knees.) The energy of their show hasn’t changed since I saw them in the late 80s at the original location of Scream, the coolest and most ghoulish club ever. And I didn’t wait long for my weekend theme song for the mountain of work I’ve been slogging through: Mountain Song was the second of the set. This morning I awoke inspired, hopeful, renewed, and–despite not enough sleep–refreshed for the task ahead.

All of which makes me think about what it means to be behind. Sometimes it can be discouraging, especially if you’re the best person in the race yet someone else is in front of you. But sometimes it can be the kick in butt one needs to get over the hurdle and just finish. I’m looking forward to coming down this mountain of work. I’m hoping that the Giants make it to the World Series for the second time in my daughter’s short life (she’s a true fan).

And to the naysayers and pollsters who think Obama can’t win, I say, don’t give up. Half the voting public may be gullible enough to believe the lies being dished out, but the other half can overcome racism, misogyny, and greed to give our President the time to finish what he’s started, or at least get over this hurdle.

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