realities of deficit reduction

I don’t claim to be an economist, or even to understand some of the intricacies, but this article explaining that spending cuts haven’t help deficit reduction made sense to me. The key here is that a non-partisan Congressional group reported the results of the study. This is not Obama tooting his own horn.

Read more from PolicicusUSA here.

What is interesting to me is that conservatives are not celebrating the shifts that we are seeing in the economy, even when it is their own constituency — the top 7% — who are profiting the most from the upswing. They can’t admit that this President hasn’t been the fiscal disaster they predicted he would be.

Partisan blindness continues to drive political dialogue, not surprisingly. I can say no more.

2 thoughts on “realities of deficit reduction

  1. Who will buy all the crap the right peddle if they continue to put the screws to the rest of us, especially the middle class? Stupid and short-sighted. Such is the approach of the Republican party. UGH!

    Plus, isn’t it the business people who always say you have to invest to grow? Why won’t we invest in our country, then? I really don’t get it. Again, stupid and short-sighted…oh, and greedy, of course.

    I like how the article calls out “Bush, a convicted war criminal, is a white man.” Enough said.


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