end-of-year blur

A friend sent me the link to this blog, which appropriately describes one end of my end-of-the-school-year blur…

Jen the Hatmaker’s worst end-of-year mom

Jen, whom I do not know, sets the context for the “I’ve had enough” attitude I’m forced to take at this time of year. My daughter is lucky to get a sufficient lunch, let alone a fully nutritious one. I forget her bus pass, ample time for homework, the money for the envelope for the t-shirt, nice clothes and clean hair on assembly day, that she needs dark socks to wear with her too-short dress slacks and black shoes… the list grows on.

And, at the same time, I’ve got the train running me down from the other direction as well: end-of-the-year late homework trickling in, parental communication about next year’s students, last-minute panicking from this year’s students, heaps of final exams to grade, already-waned motivation draining more quickly than the tasks — garden variety end-of-the-year stuff — combined with unusual pressures, unique to this year: carpet cleaning requiring packing nine years of office accumulation and detritus; my daughter singing (beautifully) with an adult chorus for two performances and rehearsals; one parent having surgery tomorrow, another just out of the hospital last week; street parking permit issues requiring several trips to various governmental agencies … that list — though finite — seems to keep growing like the sentence I just wrote.

Summer will put a pause to much of it, for two blissful months of largely unscheduled days. No homework to grade, no 8 a.m. classes, no under-caffeinated and bleary eyed meetings. A few emails here and there (some summers more than others), prepping for a class, or a two-week chaperoning trip will regularly bite into my summer, yet still it lies before me, a golden mirage of relaxation. If only I can make it through the interminable “end…”

Surrounded by grading finals and digging through stacks of unopened mail for the residual thing I need to deal with that day, my official last day of school comes this Thursday, le jour le plus long. It starts with 9 a.m. meetings until midday, and ends with graduation in the evening about 12 hours later. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

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