the new Todd Akin

I’d be laughing at the opinion piece in the Washington Post if it weren’t so infuriating.

Republican men are at it again. Fortunately, it’s only the House of Representatives where this insanity lives, for now. It’s hard to understand how anyone can be wasting precious Congressional minutes when there are so many pressing issues to address. Yet it is true: these men are waving the anti-abortion cape in front of the nations’ women, goading us to come at them with flared nostrils and thundering heels. Yes, I’m likening myself to a bull (with tongue-in-cheek gender reversal): the latest taunting in the War on Women seems as assinine as standing alone in an arena with a tormented animal ten times your size. The only problem for me as a woman is the sword that is hidden behind that red cape.

Trent Franks devalued his argument when he repeated the unscientific claim that rape rarely results in pregnancy (Todd Akin already suffered the foolishness of that remark — see my previous blog post for the real facts). But his posse are pushing through a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, without exceptions for rape and incest, without concerns for the health of the mother. I hope Dana Milbank is right when he says there is no chance this bill would pass in the Senate. Every time one of these bills comes to light, whether in a state legislature or on Capitol Hill, I shudder to think what that would mean for future generations of women: Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale coming to life? Women being forced back behind House & Garden curtains to bear unwanted children or, worse, to die from a life-threatening pregnancy? Does a fetus have that much power in the eyes of the Toreadors on the House floor?

My fears may be unfounded — this time. But the resiliency of this desire to control women’s bodies and limit women’s choice should shake us out of our complacency. This battle isn’t over, and the war may have just begun.

2 thoughts on “the new Todd Akin

  1. Appalling is right!

    I have a solution. Why don’t those people who want to restrict everyone’s right go live in their own country and restrict each others’ rights? The rest of us can stay here and support one another with kindness and understanding.


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