Go Wendy Go

Wendy Davis took a stand against obstructions to women’s health services by filibustering for nearly 13 hours on the Texas State Capitol floor.

Who Is Wendy Davis? (Christian Science Monitor)

My admiration and gratitude go out to her. The filibuster succeeded only on a technicality: the anti-abortion bill wasn’t signed by the deadline, though it was voted on and passed. This is representative of the very real threat we are facing with regards to our hard-earned right to control our own bodies. We are only free due to technicalities and individual acts of valor. Around us the cage is slowly lowering.

Don’t wait to make your voice heard. Send thanks to Ms. Davis, who raised hers.

sb5-texas-filibuster-wendyP.S. Rick Perry called another special session to pass this legislation: read more here.

Ms. Davis explains: “It’s big government intruding in private lives in Texas and Texas values don’t cotton to that very well. I’m seeing an uproar against it from all sides of the political spectrum because this truly is about government intrusion. And unfortunately Gov. and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst insist on continuing to continue to exercise big government over some very private decision-making.”

2 thoughts on “Go Wendy Go

  1. Interesting that she said that Texans don’t cotton to big government intruding on their lives…I guess that only applies to men? Whomever is allowed to intrude on women’s lives?


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