real women are everywhere

Today’s post comes via wise woman Hanne Blank, whom I do not know. A very wise 15-year-old directed me to this two-year-old blog post — eternally relevant.

Read, enjoy, and celebrate women all over (double entendre intended):

Hanne Blank: Real Women

NB: Ms. Blank posted this on my 50th birthday. Thanks for the gift!

photo: pits47 2009

photo: pits47 2009

real women ride roller coasters … or not
Elan Papa at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

P.S. In honor of the two years of grieving I’ve done for the above-pictured real woman and soul sister, my blog has come out of the darkness and into the light … my sadness is slowly being replaced by inspiration.

3 thoughts on “real women are everywhere

  1. Thanks for this. It is timely for my own process and reminds me of a talk I heard where the speaker was trying to get at the same idea and said, “Can you imagine any other creature – a deer, perhaps – being for a moment as preoccupied as we are about our bodies and wondering if they’re okay; a deer thinking to itself, ‘Am I an attractive enough deer?'” Of course, a deer isn’t plagued by messages about how it ought to be preoccupied by these things. But just as a deer could never be anything but the perfect deer it is, nor could we be anything but our perfect selves.
    Thanks so much for the great picture of Elan. The finality of death still takes my breath away – as does the way it can evolve, as you say here, into inspiration. (BTW, the Sanskrit word “anisha” means “from darkness to light.”)


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