Ads suck

I’m posting briefly during a period of relative inactivity (my non-cyber-life is very full right now) to bemoan the ads that have just started appearing on my WordPress blog. I apologize to my readers for this intrusion of capitalism into a forum that was designed to be precisely the opposite: FREE from commercial enterprise.

Like Facebook, YouTube, and the many other sell-out sites that paved that way for the unbridled free market on the Internet, I’m beginning to dislike WordPress. I may be migrating elsewhere if there is anywhere left on the Web that is actually free. WordPress kindly offers me the choice to be ad-free, for $30 a year (small price, but it’s the principle that irks me).

[If you start looking around, you’ll see how unavoidable advertising is — both online and in the physical world — unless you pay for the privilege of being free from suggestive selling. Money does make the world go ’round.]


One thought on “Ads suck

  1. Unfortunately, money makes all the decisions. That is why I try really hard to be mindful of how I spend mine. I don’t see any ads yet, so is it only from the writer’s side?


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