fire ignited!

Today is my lucky day: I get to write about something good… something really good that I see every day at my school, and that I can only hope is true elsewhere. And it confirms — not what I hope to see in this generation — what I know to be true: for better or for worse, this generation of cyber-natives knows how to take down the opponent and publicly humiliate their target.

And sometimes, that voice can speak an inexorable truth.

For your pleasure, let’s flush the douchebag (note the hashtag on the students’ Twitter feed) in what I’ll call: Christian Dating Expert Gets Owned, brought to you by Salon journalist, Kate McDonough, and the students at Richardson High School in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Just as Ms. McDonough so deftly did, I’ll let the students speak for themselves (click on the above link or cull through #lookadouche Twitter feed).

Also read a reluctant fire starter’s voice. She dispels my earlier (hopeful) assessment of the perpetrator of the offensive assembly. (See my * below, which I leave, in disbelief. He seems dead serious.)

for promoting crimes against half the population:
Justin Lookadoo, dangerous dating douchebag*


*I have to believe his persona is meant to be ironic,
because no one can be this asinine.

But then there’s always Ann Coulter, and I think she really believes what she says and her leggy blond “intellectual” image, so maybe this guy really is that dangerous. School officials apologized for bringing him to campus… you be the judge.

2 thoughts on “fire ignited!

  1. Um, how is his behavior “Christian”? I seriously doubt that Chris would approve. What a jerk! Glad that the students are rejecting him. I have always had faith in youth. 🙂


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