George Zimmerman’s rage

Apparently George Zimmerman’s rage is not reserved for unarmed African-American youths like Trayvon Martin, whom he shot and killed in supposed “self-defense” in 2012. Zimmerman was acquitted for that crime on the basis of the Florida Stand Your Ground law, which allows for “defensive” violent acts (and fatal assault) due to a “perceived threat.” An interesting follow up to the story is this tidbit by Rene Stutzman from yesterday’s Zimmerman was recently accused of domestic violence after 911 was called during an altercation at his house, but he destroyed the evidence by disemboweling the iPad that contained the video of the fight between him, his estranged wife, and her father, who ended up with a “punch in the nose,” according to the article.

One thing for Zimmerman, his rage (and adrenalin) gives him the strength to create his own legal defense: no evidence, no crime.

Until the next time, Mr. Zimmerman… your hatred will get you yet. Personally, I’d like to see you get some nonviolent communication training, if the Florida courts can’t see the threat you pose to public safety.


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