Drain the swamp: not what you thought

This article by Amanda Marcotte of Salon sheds light on the recent cabinet appointments and what “drain the swamp” means in alternative fact speak: evict all the liberals and humanists rather than cleansing DC of bureaucrats, special interests and corporate lobbyists. This redefinition is, broadly speaking, an assault on more than half the country’s ideals as represented by the three million more Clinton supporters whose voices should matter to a president-elect who won by losing the popular vote.

There is some hope that those seeking legal support of the Constitution  will impeach the president due to massive conflicts with the international and domestic emoluments clauses, designed to prevent a sitting president from enriching himself through policies and business dealings, which in my opinion is one of his primary motivators — other than gargantuan ego — for pretty much everything he does.

The blindness of his minority constituency on political and economic issues is astounding, but for them it’s not about real policy or money, rich vs. poor, the progressives “ignoring” the plight of the rural downtrodden (as was suggested by so many on the heels the election). It’s all about demonizing what they see as the Other: not white, not male, not conservative — in other words, the majority of our population. The desperate few are clinging to the top of the mountain, trying to convince those whose shoulders they stand on that their way is in everyone’s best interests.

All evidence suggests that as long as his clan of admirers keep up the rally cry, our president-elect cares not for popular public opinion, presidential precedent, nor Constitutional law, and that his second in command Mike Pence has demonstrated a commitment to even more restrictive and abhorrent authoritarian leadership

We’ve got a long four years ahead…

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