crushing freedoom

How is it that one jerk in the White House with his executive orders can undo eight years of policy developed through the checks and balances set into place by the Constitution?

How can the Man who would be King sign into policy the notion of religious “freedom” that was overthrown by the Supreme Court just a few years ago?
This executive order floating around the White House, if signed, would be the beginning of the end of LGBTQ rights and women’s reproductive rights. It is a sweeping ultra conservative designation of what constitutes marriage and pinpoints the beginning of human rights at conception.

What recourse do we have against these crushing blows to our freedom when Congress just sits on their hands and watches the bloodbath?

I am truly at a loss.


photo: afp 2017


2 thoughts on “crushing freedoom

  1. Congress needs to get themselves together. Gah! I read the ACLU magazine today and all the law suits they are filing. I think I need to make another donations with my next paycheck. 🙂


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