check your state’s patriarchy

With the new mandate for pussy grabbing in the White House, states are scrambling to restrict abortion rights within their borders. 

Oklahoma is submitting legislation requiring consent from the sperm provider for a woman to get an abortion. I wonder what happens in the case of rape where the man is certainly not available for decisions around the results of his crime. The fact that politicians could consider a woman’s body a “host,” allowing her no agency over her future reveals a terrifying view of the patriarchy that we live under.

Tennessee is trying to declare  children born to married couples through fertility treatments “illegitimate.” I wonder how the state legislators feel about other medical procedures that improve reproductive outcomes for people: should solutions for erectile dysfunction be considered unnatural and resulting pregnancies an abomination? I can just imagine the awkward debate on that one, which wouldn’t last long in the male dominated legislatures of our country.

Women, pay attention! This debate is not only happening at the national level. The dog and pony show in the White House is distracting us from the restrictions happening right under our noses.

Call your legislators and voice your dissent!

photo:afp 2017


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