it’s just another boob

I am astounded that in 2017, when women can unabashedly wear crocheted string on sports magazine covers, feminist Emma Watson is getting shit for showing the beauty of her body in an elegant photo. Hannah Cranston called it right in her article, and I take issue with the fact that by baring our bodies we are necessarily sexualizing ourselves. As Ms. Cranston put it, we should have the choice to show our bodies, as women do all over the globe without shame.

In fact — shocker — FEMINISTS use their bodies as a canvas for messages of equality. This is not about sex or the male gaze. It’s about taking back what is ours, God-given if you will.

People are such prudes and hypocrits.

Afterall, the biggest boob around is clearly on view in the White House.



One thought on “it’s just another boob

  1. My gosh! People are brutal. It’s her body to show as she chooses. It’s them who are sexualizing her, not the photo. And, if she chooses to sexualize herself one day because she feels sexy, that’s ok too. No different than how jerky people are about women breastfeeding in public. Annoying!


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