justice prevails

it is a rare occurrence but a great joy to awaken to good news in my morning scroll. Yesterday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction against the current administration’s immigration ban against seven countries that have not been responsible for any of the major terror attacks on U.S. soil.

As comforted as I feel by the ruling, it concerns me that our only hope for curbing the insanity rests on the Judiciary branch, especially in view of the person being nominated for the Supreme Court. But at this point I’ll take what I can get.


silencing dissent

Elizabeth Warren was shut down on the Senate floor as she quoted the writing of Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions, who has been nominated for attorney general of the United States. Mitch McConnell invoked a rule of the Senate which deemed the widow’s words unsuitable for senators’ ears. Senator Warren is banned from uttering another word during the 30 hours remaining in the confirmation hearings.

Republicans have made themselves into the perfect example of the blind, deaf, and tongue-tied, who refuse to see evil or hear evil but who speak nothing but evil.

Warren, who refuses to be silenced, read the letter outside the senate chamber.


teachers disciplined for discussing hate crimes

Amidst the rising tide of administrative silencing, we see the trickle-down of hate-based politics and turning a blind eye (and a tight lip) functioning much better than Reagan’s trickle-down theory ever did.

One teacher was suspended without pay after rescinding her college recommendation for a student who emblazoned a swastika in the hallway. Others were disciplined for having dared to discuss the incident with students in their classrooms.

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Seattle judge trumps 45

The best news I’ve read in weeks: a Seattle judge overturned the executive order that barred valid visa holders from certain Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

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United States of Corruption

When the current Secretary of State is the former head of a major oil company that fought anticorruption protections, which have now been struck down by the Republican Congress, the fish is clearly rotting from the head down.

crushing freedoom

How is it that one jerk in the White House with his executive orders can undo eight years of policy developed through the checks and balances set into place by the Constitution?

How can the Man who would be King sign into policy the notion of religious “freedom” that was overthrown by the Supreme Court just a few years ago?
This executive order floating around the White House, if signed, would be the beginning of the end of LGBTQ rights and women’s reproductive rights. It is a sweeping ultra conservative designation of what constitutes marriage and pinpoints the beginning of human rights at conception.

What recourse do we have against these crushing blows to our freedom when Congress just sits on their hands and watches the bloodbath?

I am truly at a loss.


photo: afp 2017

land disposal

Each day I awaken to some new horror by the new administration: green card holders and refugees being turned away at airports, the Army Corps of Engineers given the greenlight to bulldoze through native lands and put precious water supplies in peril, and now a proposal to sell off over 3,000,000 acres of public land, denying taxpayer  use, environmental protections, and generating no income for the country.

For someone who is supposedly a businessman, 45 and his crew sure make some stupid economic decisions.